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"My name is Ingela Hageman, I am a Computer- and Videoartist, living and working in Stockholm, Sweden".

"I have made a very consious decision to make Positive and Spiritual Inspiring Art!

My aim as an visual artist is to give the spectator something Pleasent, Spiritual Inspiring, Playful, Humourous or/ and
sometimes even Provoking.
My hope is to uplift and influence the spectator in a loving way--aiming at giving birth to a more expanded and realized view--
not only in the spectator but also indirectly in the Collective Consiousness of mankind". When You realize that everything You do effect everybody else--You also start to become aware of how important it is what pictures, forms and thoughts one expose oneself to. Everything positve You do or see is not only a gift to Yourself but to the whole mankind--because we are connected through the subconsious rhelms of our collective consiousness.

“In the act of creativity I have often felt like a Priestess performing magical rituals to invocate Eternity.”
“My aim is that my artwork will provide a kind of meditationobject--
by which the spectator will be brought to another dimension of reality--
a Dreamworld, a Fantasyworld in which Playfulness and Spontaneity dominates.
I´m very interested in altered states of consciousness and the effects of Rejuvenation
and Healing it has on the whole organism.”
Deep experinces of Beauty can stimulate and evoke Creativity and Joy
Archetypes and Artists that has inspired

"I´m very interested in archetypi

cal symbols and Jungs interpretation of the subconsious rhelms.
I work in a somewhat surrealistic spirit.
Artists that has deeply influenced and inspired me are e.g. Bill Viola, Brian Eno and Magritte."

About Art and Artistry

"I take my role as an artist and pathfinder very seriously.
For me it is a big responsibility to live as an artist--
both in this society and in this world--
and to contribute to mankind in this way by this very dedicated Lifework.

I belive Art has a more important role than what is understood at the present time.
I look upon the Artist as a very important person in society.
In this period and dimension of great suffering, Art can deeply influence
and contribute to uplifting both society and the individual--
and by the mean of Beauty or skillful Artistry throw us out of the little
box of ego we normally view our world from--
and let us taste the flavour of Eternity.
This is a truly rejuvinating experience that can heal our minds and bodies
in ways beyond comprehension."

About the artist

Ingela Hageman is a modern mystic with studies and experiences in diffrent spiritual systems such as
Tantra, Sufism, and Tibetian Buddism--which has deeply influenced her work as an artist.

Ingela is also a modern artist who works with high-technology.
The Computer and the Videocamera are her tools and virtual ateljé.

Travels >>

Travelling and experiencing new and different cultures is fundamental in her artistry.
She has been living in Hong Kong and USA in her late teens--and visited and been influenced by many
of the ancient High Cultures--like Egypt, Mexico, West Africa, etc. Her latest travels went to Goa in India
and Hurgada in Egypt.

Education >>

Initially she is a painter with 8,5 years of traditional studies at diffrent painting-schools. She has also
been studying Computer-Art at the University of Skövde, Sweden, and also has an education in Video Art.
Recently, as a preparation for the work with her latest exhibition, she took a academic course in Tantra at
the University of Lund, Sweden.
She has also been working with slide shows--the biggest one for 48 projectors--
and with experimental photography and videoinstallations etc.
Totally she has 15 years of studies within Art and Computers.

Exhibitions >>

She has had about 30 one-woman-shows at diffrent Art Museums, Arthalls and Galleries-
and participated in about 60 group exhibitions.


Swedish Tantra >>

In January 2004 she had a large one-woman show named “Swedish Tantra” at the ArtHall of Väsby just outside Stockholm, Sweden--where the film with the same name was a major videoinstallation.
The name “Swedish Tantra” refers to the fact that the chosen theme “Tantra” she prensently work within,
also has been influenced and filtered by the culture that she lives and works in--which is Sweden.

Under the theme “Swedish Tantra” Ingela is investigating and playing with Archetypical Symboles,
Forms, Emotions, Godesses etc. related to Tantric concepts and mythologies.
She also produced a film with the same name. This film was also her contribution to
“Spiritual Filmfestival”, an international filmfestival that took place in Goa, India, during February 2005.
In this film she has also co-operated with the mediaproducer Kjell Eidendal and his friend Walle Bergström.
Kjell works with electronic music and Walle is the guitarist.


Tantra can be seen as a form of Spiritual Science with deep Mystical knowledge and insight
into the psyche and subconcious rhealms--and has made systems to sublimate and uplift human
experiences with a kind of Universal applicability in many areas of life and existence.
It has its roots in India and Tibet.
Tantra can exists in many diffrent forms--Visually as Yantras, Sound-wise like in Mantras and in Rituals--
Transforming grosser into finer.
Tantra is famous--in particular among New Age--for it`s sometimes rather crazy and mindblowing Rituals,
within areas where we experience a high charge of Energy, like e.g. Sexuality and Death.
Tantra is also related and associated with Deep Spirtual Experiences of Unity with Cosmos and Creation--
and Aim at the Essence of the underlying Mystery that permeat Existensce in Macro- as well as in Microcosmos.

Flower´s Power >>

Almost all people has a relationship to Flowers. This series show the interpretation of the dimension of Flowers
from the artist´s point of view.
This exhibition with the same name was shown at the Botanical Garden of Bergianska, Stockholm, summer 2003,
and at Ulriksdals Slottscafe summer 2005. It has also been shown in Copehagen and in Malmö.

African Shells >>

This Series of sensious pictures came to be after a few travels to Senegal in WestAfrica.

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