2011: Studying Culture and Entrepreneurship at Södertörns university college, Stockholm.
2010-11: Pictures of Holiness", a course at Konstfack, University Collage of Arts, Craft and Design, Stockholm, resulting with an exhibition at the church of Stigtomta.

Curator, initiator, PR-work, webdesign and exhibitor at the exhibitionThe Time of Flowers is now arriving", The Church of Gustaf Vasa, Stockholm.

2009-10: Participated in the collage course "The History of Photography and Videoart" at Konstfack, University Collage of Arts, Craft and Design, Stockholm.
2008-09 Participated in the course "Visual Communication" at Konstfack, University Collage of Arts, Craft and Design, Stockholm.
  Produced a film, a website, and other digital work for the artist Torgny Larssons presentation "The Age of Aquarius"--at the Cultural House of Stockholm.
2008: "Easter Mysteries", curator for15 artists exhibiting at the Church of Matteus, Stockholm.
  Participated in ""International Festival of Short films of culture" in Jaipur, India.
with 10 new films--to receive a goldstatuette from 2007.
Received a grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee for the journey.
  Participated in "Animotion" Animation and Arfilmfestival at the cinema Park in Stockholm.
2007: Invited to participate in "Sequences RealTime Artfestival" in Reykjavik, Island, financed by
  Goldstatuette for the best experimental film at INTERNATIONAL SHORTFILM FESTIVAL in Jaipur, India.
2006: Filmed and photographed at Kalachakra--a big Initiation-festival with Dalai Lama--where 140.000 persons were attending. With consent of the Official Pressoffice of Kalachakra.
  Cooperation with the composer and musician Niklas Rundkvist in the films "Stockholm Tantras" that was shown at the Culture House during summer 2006,"Initiation" that was shown at Väsby Arthall.
Studies in Photoshop CS2 and Graphic Design at the School of NTI--Nordical Technical Institute.
  Studies in Photography at the School of Info-komp Stockholm.
2005: Studies in Webdesign at the School of NTI--Nordical Technical Institute.
  Studies in 3D-programming at Academit, Stockholm.
2004: Producing the film "Swedish Tantra" and cooperation with Kjell Eidendal, mediaproducer and electronic composer and his friend the musician Walle Bergström. The film had premiere at the solo exhibitionSwedish Tantra" at Väsby Arthall, December 2004.
The collection of films--were also shown in Spiritual Filmfestival, in Goa India, February 2005.
2003: Studies in “Tantra” at the University in Lund.
2003: Studies in Photoshop 7.0 and InDesign at NTI-school.
2003: Co-operation with Kjell Eidendal, mediaproducer and electronic composer in a videoproduction, for the exhibition “Flower´s Power” shown at the Garden of Bergianska.
Each flower got her own sound!
2000-01: Studies in Webdesign at NTI--Nordical Technical Institute, Malmö.
2000: Studies in Webdesign, Graphical Design, Business economics at
Computer Research, Malmö.
2000: Studies in Computer Graphical Production at Amu Hadar, in Malmö.
1998-2006: Artistic work, mainly in the field of Video and Printing of Computergraphics, at CRAC--Creative Room for Art and Computing.
1992-2000 Co-operation with the musician and composer R Ivarsson in many productions such as installations, videos, cd, slide-shows etc.
1997-98: Fulltime studies in Desktop Publishing, and Multimedia at NTI-skolan--the Nordic School of Technology in Stockholm.
1995-98: Work att KKV, a Collectiv Art Workshop for artists, with starting up a new Computer department, and afterwards being in charge of the department.
1996: Studies in Multimedia at Miroi in Stockholm.
1993-94: ComputerArt-studies at the University of Skövde.
  Parallell work with experimental photography, videoart for many monitors, installations, artistic slideshows--the biggest one involving 48 projectors etc.
1989: Education in Artvideo at Kulturama, Stockholm.
1988-89: Arthistory-studies at the University of Stockholm.
1977-86: 8,5 years of “traditional” artstudies at diffrent Painting Schools in Stockholm.
e.g Gerlesborgsskolan, ABF, Birkagårdens Folkhögskola, Pernbys Målarskola, Nyckelviksskolan etc.
  Diffrent courses for professional artists in e.g. diffrent printing techniques, copperplate engraving, screen-printing, threedimensionale papermaking etc.