"Thankyou for a cosmic journey above and under the surface of earth
produced with a technique that place you in the front room of computer artist."

Hans Esselius

The Short films offer a world with their own nature´s laws--
in full geometical harmony and balance;
a world that I experience as more perfect than the reality I just left behind.
At each moment pictures and music create a perfect unity.
During "Pink Lotus" I feel my body vibrate by emotions of true love;
love to life, love to the surrounding world.
These feelings soothens and heals my whole body and soul
and it is like I´m walking on clouds when I leave Gallery 5 at the Cultural House,
alliviated and happy.

Göran Wegdal
Hello Ingela!
I can not with words describ how grateful I am for the DVD yoy gave me yesterday.
The films you have created is divinely beautiful and give me a feeling of freedom.
I have never seen anything like it--och feel very calm and happy after viewing them.

Again a big thankyou!
Warm greeting


Hello Ingela!
Your piece of art is comepletely wonderful! I have been completely "absorbed".
Beautiful and well composed music also!
Thousands of varm thankyou! THANKYOU!

"It is very nice to sit here and enjoy
among flowers and leafs, hear the sound from the sea,
beautiful shells, flowers in colour, sky and sea,
Here one can understand the course of life.
Message of beauty and light.
We can rest a while in divine intoxication.
Colours beam and sparkle.
angels watch around the art..
Sommer is here together with joy, the art is bearing."

Ann-Mari Brenckert

"A wonderful and inspiring exhibition.
I think we human beings need positive inspiration.
It´s lovely with the video and the music."

"These pictures really put one´s fantasy to work.
Many depths, many possibilities.
A fantastic experience."

"Beautiful pictures in a beautiful milieu.
Very inspiring exhibition."

    "Such a wonderful surprice to find such exciting
and beautiful pictures here.


"An interesting an creative exhibition."

  "Thankyou Ingela the Whole Exhibition is an Experience!"

  "One becomes Happy "


"Fabulous lovely flowers Senseless sensious shells, Bravo Ingela"

  "What an exhibition!"

  "Incredible Wonderful, Emotional, Impressive and Important. Thankyou!"



"Completelt Right!!!"

  "Very Beautiful Pictures! The colours are strong and there is a very nice balance".

  "How Beautifult! Feeling-good art in it´s deepest sence!"


"Fantastic Ingela! Beauiful and groovyt! You are an angel!"

  "Full of atmosphere and Contempative. Terrific!"

  "A beautiful, faschinating exhibition! Good Luck!"


"Thankyou Ingela! The whole exhibition is an experience!"

"Wonderous beautiful! We became enchanted!"

  "Even if you only glance at Ingela´s exhibition you are filled wth vitality and joy of life on all planes. Your are touch deeply and say "hello" to your happiest sides.

"Congratulation to the exhibition! Groovy!

"Love Your pictures!"

"My first exhibition and I really liked it!!"

"Beautiful, sensious and full with inspiration and fun to meet You!

"Such art speaks to the Heart and Soul! Thank You for being on earth."


"Thankyou so much! For Inspiration on all planes! For the fire and the call from inside which is strengthened when the eyes rests on your shells! Good Luck and thankyou!

"I agree with the above. It´s fantastic interesting. For sure it can imply a big change!

  "My wife Berit who has Alzheimers, really appreciated this visit much! Also Maud and me!

  "Thankyou for wonderful artwork."

"Thankyou Ingela for many beautiful pictures!."

 "Alive-Strong-Inspiring-Beautiful-Wonderful Art!"

 "Present and Strong!"

From Ingela Hageman to All of You