You can order Art or Postcards by contacting Ingela Hageman by mail.

  The pictures are made in limited editions and each piece has a unique number.

The big difference between computergraphics and traditional graphics
are that a computerprint one can print in consecutive order--
instead of printing the whole edition at the same time.

They are printed on an Epson Large Formate Inkjet Printer--on aquarelle-paper
and with one of the best inks on the market.
A labratory in US have calculated the ink to have a lightfastness up to 225 years. >>
More technical information about Archival ink info for 7500 Pro >>


The Pictures can--generally speaking--be ordered in diffrent sizes--
one that fit into a standard frame of 50 x 70 cm--
cost 2.200 swedish crowns--or 220 €
and one that fit into 70 x 100 cm--
cost 3.900 swedish crowns--or 390€.

Square sizes:(45 x 45 cm) fits 50 x 50 cm cost 2.200 sw. crowns or 220 €
(55 x 55 cm) Fits 60 x 60 cm or 70 x 70 cm cost 2.700 sw. crowns or 270 €.


If one buys 2 pictures one receive 500 crowns discount.


There is also a collection of beautiful postcards available.
The series "Flower´s Power" contains 10 postcards to the cost of
100 sw crowns or 10 €.
The series "African Shells" contain 5 postcards and cost 60 sw. crowns.All 15 postcards cost 150 sw. crowns or 15 €. (postage excluded)

  I can also mail You printed information about the diffrent editions, cv:s,
articles etc
  Send me an e-mail for further contact!