Easter Mysteries
"Easter Mysteries"
15 - 30 march 2008

responsible vicar for S:t Matteus Church:
Madelaine Eurenius

Pictures from Easter Celebration in the Church 2008 >>
Unika besök
fr.o.m. 12/9-07

15 Artists and one musician is expressing the Divine Mysteries of Easter
in the Church of St Matteus 15--30 of March 2008, Stockholm, Sweden.

High standards of artists-- the exhibition is taking place in a spiritually very beautiful place--
during a period where the Church has it´s highest rate of visitors during the year.
High quality art and music can be experienced during Easter until 30/3 in the
Church of S:t Matteus.

A big breadth of diffrent artistic temperament and expressions are promised to the public.
Opening by the priest Mats G Furemalm--the 15/3 at 13.00
a very popular lecture holder, who has big knowledge of art and symbols.
14.00 Religious Blues by Caroline Williams
15.00 lecture with Eva Asp, curator at Jakobs Kyrka--
"Art in the Churchroom ", from a series of lectures in the Cathedral of Uppsala.

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Carinne Löfgren-Williams
Mats Olofsgörs
Gunilla Paetau Sjöberg
Niklas Rundquist
Josef Strazar
Birgitta Wennerling
Per Wennerstrand
Thomas Qvarsebo

"The idea to make an exhibition in the Church of St Matteus - came like a vision -
when participatingin the Easter Celebrating in the the Chapel of St Michael -
it was like an Angel was visiting delivering a message--
because when the ideas was starting to appear
the thought stream were followed by en enormous Joy.
I presented the idea to the Priest Mats G Furumalm responsible for the Easter programme -

and then it went to to the congregation where it was received with openness.


When inviting artists I have gone on my intuition and heart--
some spontanious others I have been following during a long period of time.
I hope the exhibition will give a lot of happiness to all who visit St Matteus Church during Easter--
and that the artists will find Satisfaction and Inspiration in their Artistic work--
in the individual meeting with eachother and the public in this Spiritual Milieu.

A Big Thankyou to Everybody that has helped
to make this exhibition possible!
First of all the vicar in charge Madeleine Eurenius
who first sanctuated the idea-
her substitute vicar Lars-Erik Gardell
the Priest Mats G. Furemalm--
and the general manager of the Church Susanne Fredborg--
who has shown big openess and Friendliness-
and Welcomed this artistic vision.

Thnkyou Niklas Rundquist for the beautiful and spiritual music!
Thankyou to everybody that is helping beyond the screens.

I think this exhibition is created as an answer to a collective Longing in people
to experience Spiritual and Positive Art.

Welcome to the exhibition "Easter Mysteries" in the Church of St Matteus
during the last weeks of March 2008!

Pictures from the exhibition:
Lena Lervik & Thomas Qvarsebo

Carinne Löfgren Williams

Jose Strazar

Tore Höglund, Mats Olofsgörs, Per Wennerstarand & Roland Haeberlain.

Tore Höglund

Liselotte Hansson, Sumiko Kiyohara, Thomas Qvarsebo, & Luis Deza

Sumiko Kiyohara & Thomas Qvarsebo

Luis Deza & Åsa Hammarlund

Gunilla Paetau Sjöberg

Ingela Hageman

Film: Red Angel, Ingela Hageman, musik Niklas Rundquist

Roland Haeberlain

Birgitta Wennerling

Roland Haberlain

Ingela Hageman

A Blessing from the Easter Celebration with the Priest Mats G Furumalam