2010: Videoinstallation in the church of Gustaf Vasa, central Stockholm, at the exhibition
"The Time of Flowers is now arriving", where the short pricewinning filmcollection
"Stockholm Tantras" was showed during 2,5 months during summer.
music by Niklas Rundqvist. Sponsors: AV-Huset in Stockholm.
Ingela Hageman was also the curator for the exhibition.
Directlink ol Ingela Hagemans artworks at the exhibition >
2009: Filmed, took photos and produced a site for the performance "Love Spectaculo",
taking place in the ruin of S:t Clara in central Visby during the summer.
With the group Goloka.
  Performance by Freja Olofsson and Hans Landeström in Sinnenas Trädgård-the Garden of Sences--during "Open House " at my exhibition "Mother Mary, Angels and Flowers".
2008: Produced two films to the exhibition" Myths and tools for Devotion", at Edsviks Arthall.
"Lotuswoman" based on filming with the German Performancegroup PANTAO --
"Jaipur Tantra"--was filmed during "International Short Films of Culture ".
Dansperformance and firedance at the Vernissage by Djamilla Samad >
see also the site of Djamilla >
2008: Produced en film about waterfalls to the artist Torgny Larssons presentation of his project
"The Age of Aquarius"-at the Culture House of Stockholm--one of the five winners in a competition announced by Eva Bonnier Foundation.
  Reykjavik Cultural Night.
SIM-House--Associtaion of Icelandic Visual Art--was screening "Time Tantras".
  "International festival of Short films on Culture 2008" , in Jaipur, India.
Where 10 short films were shown from the collection "Tantras of Time".
  "Animotion" - Animation- and Artfilmfestival at the cinema Park in Stockholm.
2007: Goldstatuette for Best Experimental film at the "International festival of Short films on Culture" at Jaipur. India, for the short film ”White Swans”
2006: Tantras of Time” videoinstalltion at Edsvik´s Arthall—at the exhibition
”Time, Zeit, Tiden”
”Stockholm Tantras” was shown in Gallery 5 at the Cultural House of Stockholm for three months at the exhibition "EN VAR". Music composed by Niklas Rundkvist.
Filmed at he Garden of Bergianska and Millesgården etc
  "No Mind Festival" at Ängsbacka—some films shown at their "Spiritual Film Festival".

Filming at Kalachakra—a big initiation with Dalai Lama, in Amarvati, India.
140.000 people were attending this big festival.


The Film ”Initaition” was shown at Väsby Arthall at the exhibition
”Friendship IV”.
Filmed at the stupa in Fellingsbro, in Skanör and in Egypt.
Music composed by Niklas Rundkvist.

   The film ”Swedish Tantras” was shown at ”Spiritual Film Festival” in Goa India.

2004: The film "Swedish Tantra" was made for the one woman´s show with the same name at Väsby Arthall, Upplands Väsby.
Music: Kjell Eidendal, mediaproducer and electronic composer and the musician Walle Bergström.
2003: Videoinstallations at the exhibition "Flower´s Power" at the Garden of Bergianska.
Music: Kjell Eidendal, mediaproducer and electronic composer.
  Videoart shown at Gallery Pictorama, Södertälje.

 2000: Videoinstallations at Krebsen Gallery, Copenhagen. Computer and Videoart.
1998: "God is Dog spelled backwards"--filmed in Hong Kong and Sweden--inspired by Tibetian and Buddhist concepts
Shown at the exhibition ”Art Underdog” at Old National Archive, under the Stockholm International Cultural Year´s flag.
Installation with projector and 2 monitors.
Co-operation with Tibetian School and CulturalHouse in Stockholm.

"Trance Formation", Koch Gallery, Culturehouse of Fregatten, Stenungssund.
Slideshow for nine projectors "Room of Tranceformation"
Video on the theme "Who am I".

1995: Videoinstallation and art at "Skarpnäcks Culture and Milieufestival".
1994: "Room of Tranceformation", slideshow for 9 projectors,
Videoinstallation "Who am I", and besides experimental videophotography at the exhibition "Female Temperaments" at Värmlands Museum, Karlstad.
1993: "Room of Dreams", Museum of Gotland. Videoart and slideshow for 9 projectors.
Besides graphics and experimental videophotography.
1992: "Rooms of Transformation", the Arthall of Mölndal.
Videoart and slideshow for 4 projectors.
  Konstnärshuset. (The ArtHouse Gallery)
"Alchemical Experiments", Slideshow based on experimental videophotography.

1992: "Entertainment -92" ("Nöje -92", at Älvsjö Fair.)
Slideshow for 48 projectors in 360 degrees --
presented in a round room-based on experimental videophotography.
1990: Gallery Rocade. Videoinstallation for three projectors to minimalistic music
by Steve Reich.
 Education within film, multimedia etc:
2003: Education i Final Cut Pro at ETC-academy in Stockholm.
1989: Education in Artvideo at Kulturama, Stockholm.
1998: Course in Videotechniques at AMU-Öland.
1997-98 Multimediastudies with filming and cutting at NTI-skolan--
the Nordic School of Technology
in Stockholm.
1996: Multimedia studies at Miroi in Kista.
1993-94 Computer and filmstudies at the University of Skövde.
Digital Work
1998-2005: Own artistic work, mainly in the field of Video and Printing of Computergraphics,
at CRAC--Creative Room for Art and Computing.
1995-98: Work att KKV, a Collectiv Art Workshop for artists, with starting up a new Computer department, and afterwards being in charge of the department.